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Studio CM, a Chicago-based boutique interior design firm, provides personalized interior design services to what has become an international client base. The perception of space is deeply rooted in our culture and life history. Studio CM strives to create a harmonious interior that reflects the personality of their owners while continuing the architectural context of the building and the surroundings. Studio CM strives to bridge the gap between the projects full potential and the boundaries imposed by the realities of life. Great design is the culmination of a tri-party relationship between designer, client and space. Studio CM’s role is to translate the clients taste into the space. Every interior is as unique as the client it was conceived for.

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Design is a creative and thoughtful process, not an instant product. The magic happens in a core team consisting of the client, Constance and various specialists. Clients are engaged as much or as little as they wish. Studio cm can come into a project at various stages: at the conception, during the process or at the end to bring in fresh energy and help produce great results. Clients greatly benefit from Constance’s market knowledge, editing eye, market connections and transparent working methods.


The best results are generally achieved when clients work from conception until completion with studio cm. However, services are flexible and clients can solicit as much help as they need.

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